Announcing Pixl Credits

If you own or run a website, you’ll eventually want to do more stuff with it than just uploading a new blog article or updating some text. In the past, we worked with a monthly retainer which allocated some hours per month for a fixed monthly price.

We found it to be counter-productive.

On one hand, if there is less work to be done in a month, you’d feel that this monthly retainer is not worth paying for. On the other hand, if on another month there is a waterfall of work, we would have trouble managing costs. Rarely do we have a perfectly balanced month. 

In addition, some work requests fall outside our retainer scope of work, which requires us to re-scope, re-quote, re-negotiate, re-request for approval, re-everything, which takes up a lot of time and effort on both ends. Most times, even small requests go through the entire cycle of approval. 

It made no sense to continue working this way, so we’ve decided to flip things around.

Mouseover for an epic flip!

What are Pixl Credits?

Pixl Credits are prepaid credits used to engage Pixl services, sold in packs of 10.  Each credit is equal to about 30 minutes of work. 

Pixl Credits can be used for any task, for example:

  • Upload text or images
  • Change the layout of a page
  • Check on an eCommerce problem
  • Research something on your behalf
  • Add new functionality
  • Edit a photo
  • Fix an email problem
  • Help with 3rd-party tools
  • etc

The Pixl Credits system replaces our previous Sitecare and Support & Maintenance arrangements. With Pixl Credits, you only pay for what you use. It’s clean and transparent for both sides.

Buying Pixl Credits

As of 18 February 2020, 10 Pixl Credits = RM 1,400 or SGD 480. 

Pixl Credits need to be ordered and paid upfront before we commence work. Payment is as per our standard invoicing method.

When work is done, Credits will be automatically deducted, and we’ll give you an update. We’ll send out a simple report every month. Easy as pie.

Expiry of Pixl Credits

Credits expire after 6 months from purchase. 

Rest assured, this is not to force you into buying more credits – in fact, past records indicate that most clients use 10 credits within 2-6 weeks, or at worst, within 3 months. 

Having an expiry date helps us move things along, so we don’t get stuck on indefinite projects. 


1. I already have an ongoing maintenance contract with Pixl. What then?

Rest assured, your ongoing contracts will continue as per usual till completion. Any new work outside of the contract’s scope will be billed via Pixl Credits.

2. Do credits cover 3rd party fees?

As a general rule, we require 3rd party fees to be paid separately. This allows for clear separation of tasks and costs for both parties.

3. Pixl Credits feels like it’s going to be more expensive than my previous arrangement. Can we just continue with the last agreement?

We believe every engagement with Pixl is an exercise in saving your time. Our old way of scoping/quoting/negotiating has proven to take up a lot of time, which we eventually have to factor into the final quote anyway. 

We believe this new method is more efficient for both parties. Anything that saves time, saves money. 

4. Why shouldn’t I just engage a freelancer on an hourly basis? 

Again, we believe that engagements with Pixl saves you time. We’ve engaged freelancers in the past as well, and by our experience, a lot of time is wasted in:

  • Finding a genuinely good freelancer among the 100,000+ freelancers from India, Phillipines, & more
  • Finding a 2nd freelancer mid-project because some tasks are outside the 1st freelancers’s ability
  • Maintaining quality of work, fixing grammatical errors, correcting miscommunications, revisions, do-overs, etc
  • Managing multiple freelancers
  • Dealing with different timezones
  • Dealing with freelancers who disappear mid-project OR are not available for the next project
  • and many other time-wasting problems

We’ve worked with freelancers. Trust us, it’s not a fun experience. That’s why we built our own team in-house instead of outsourcing everything.

Let us take care of the work, so you can take care of your business. 

5. I already know I’ll need your help every month. Is there a discount for bulk purchases?

We’re more than happy to arrange a bulk order – simply contact us and we’ll work it out separately.

6. Are there any refunds for unused credits?
At Pixl, we take delight in working long term with our clients, for your success is our success. Therefore we request that you consider putting your Credits to good use, instead of leaving them sitting unused, to eventually expire. 


new page design, makes sense as a separate page order

May we help you with something today?

Have questions regarding our Pixl Credits, or want to place an order? Please email us as usual if you’re a current client, else drop a mail to hello /at/ and we’ll be happy to take this further!

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