WooCommerce Wholesale Pro Suite @ IGNITEWOO 

At first glance, this web page looks like an ordinary page trying to sell a product. If you’re a web designer, you will probably know that it’s a WordPress plugin but if you’re clueless as I was when I initially landed on this page then you can see that it doesn’t really specify what the product is. Having said that it’s a WordPress plugin, the page has nice colors and most of the basic information but the fonts are so small it makes the lack of readability.

In the first portion of the page, it states the name of the product it a large readable font, and their tagline – which I personally think are very strong words, in very small fonts. This portion should contain the unique selling point (USP) and a brief overview of what the product is all about and what it can do for the buyer. Of course, the price and the call-to-action (CTA) button plays an important role if you are trying to sell a product. It has to stand out and call out to the buyers’ eyes and in this case is done correctly.

Moving on to the 2nd portion of the page, where the clutter is. This is where the details of the product comes in, where you need to keep your buyers’ attention going. I would think that some related images or screenshots before the details would allow buyers to have a general idea of how it would look like before going into detailed explanation of what the product can do. This portion has so much details that it should be categorized into sections as well as larger fonts for easy readability. To achieve that, the columns should be divided into 2 instead of 3.

As for this 3rd portion of the web page, the box that states “High Performance” has almost no point in being there. If I were a buyer and after going through all that details above, it would be in my expectation that this should be a high performance product – or in any products for that matter. I would suggest replacing the following with a “Buy Now” call-to-action button for more effective use of space. Having the review box below is good to reassure your buyers with reliability and a sense of trust. In the 1st portion where I mentioned where the related images or screenshots should be, in this web page it’s hidden below here, behind tabs. We should never hide important information because it effects the value of the entire page.


Link to web page: WooCommerce Wholesale Pro Suite @ IGNITEWOO 


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