How to create a Share With WhatsApp link for email (mobile/desktop compatible)

You probably already know how to embed a Share link on your website (to WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc). However what if you wanted to have a Share with WhatsApp link in your email, or if you wanted to customise the WhatsApp message? TL;DR for coders: Just build the link like this: <a href=””>Link text</a> Step […]

[SOLVED] WOOF Product Filter conflict with Elementor

If you’re facing the problem of Elementor not loading the builder on the left pane, with the loading gif just being stuck there, this is the solution for you. This problem is because of a plugin conflict with Elementor – for some people, it’s with WOOF Product Filter, for some others, it’s a Black Studio […]

This is what happens when you don’t have fake user antispam protection

One of our clients is a WooCommerce eCommerce store. As an online store, it was only natural for them to want to allow anyone to register as a user. However this has its drawbacks if not managed properly – spam bots take advantage of this and create fake users pretty much every single day. They […]