• Project Manager wanted for a web design company
  • Min. 2 years work experience (experience with project management is a bonus)
  • Must be deadline-centric
  • Native English speaker, tech savvy, Malaysian

We need an efficient multitasker with a ruthless dedication towards deadlines – both setting them and achieving them. We need an amazing Project Manager.

At Pixl Digital, we get new projects every week. Some of them take 2 weeks to finish, some last for 2 months, some go on for a year. Some have add-ons, some involve maintenance, some are returning customers. Someone needs to manage all these projects. Someone needs to coordinate between clients, sales, developers, designers, and freelancers. Someone needs to set deadlines for every stage of every project, and ruthlessly hound everyone to complete the work by then. Someone needs to make sure everything goes smoothly. That someone is you.

“Managing” a project with us typically involves a lot of written communication, via, our project management app, Whatsapp and email (duh), and the occasional video call. You may have to record some videos as well, such as handover videos or mini-tutorials for clients.

You need to be absolutely meticulous in your work. Juggling multiple tasks should be as natural to you as breathing air. You need to be borderline OCD, where you’re unexplainably happy when you see this, and insanely annoyed when you see this. You should be the very epitome of organisation – absolutely necessary to juggle between our 20+ ongoing projects, and we intend to grow that number with time.

Ideally, you should also have some work experience as a project manager and/or are familiar with project management methodologies like JIRA, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall, and/or others. You should also be comfortable with technology and the internet in general – we are a tech company after all.

Also, we are looking for someone who speaks native English, watches English TV, thinks in English, and is deeply ingrained with western culture (prove it by taking this test – apply only if you’re in C1 or C2).

You should already own a smartphone and a fat internet connection (which you already should have if you’re a net addict like the rest of us here)(you can use our laptop or your own), and have your own transport. Diplomas or degrees are a bonus, but not needed. You can be a high school grad for all I care, as long as you can do the work and are always hungry to learn more.

Also, this job is open to Malaysians only – I’d love to hire amazing people from around the globe but we’re not in a position to process work visas yet 🙁

If selected, you’ll enjoy a freedom very few companies can offer especially for a Project Manager role. Flexible working hours, wear-anything-you-want, no blocking of Facebook or games (yes we play while working), no late-night shifts or weekend work (mostly), and an overall chill and fun office culture. Yes, we do work hard and are fiercely driven to achieve deadlines while delivering quality work – but life’s too short to work all day. Join us if this is your idea of a great working experience.

Oh and of course there’s a competitive salary if you’re really all that great and can prove it. Salary range is between RM3,000-RM4,000, or more if you’re really that great and can bring more value to the table than originally envisioned.

We’re very selective, and there’s only one spot available, for Apr 2019 onwards.

Wow us. Good luck.

Contact Michael at michael at (or if you prefer to apply through WOBB)

Working at Pixl Digital

Pixl Digital is a boutique web design studio in Plaza Damas, founded by Michael Kwan. He was among the pioneer wave of digital marketers when the social media boom happened in 2009, and has helped companies like Yahoo, Reach, All IT, and more. After winning D-Code Bootcamp 2013, he set out to grow the digital landscape in Malaysia, and Pixl Digital was born.

Where company culture is concerned, we’re built “by millennials, for millennials”. Work-life balance is of utmost important to us, because let’s face it, nobody wants to live to work. We all want to come to the office to do good work, feel like we’ve actually achieved something worth telling others about, and go home and binge watch Netflix with friends and family. We’re all English-native, internet-hungry millennials who play card and board games once in a while. And yes, sometimes the boss buys lunch for everyone because that’s his job apparently.

We’re young, and still building the company. We’ve got a long way to go, but we enjoy the journey just as much as the goal. Ultimately we want the millennial dream – work hard but not too hard, earn enough to live and travel comfortably, and have someplace to call a second home, with zero work politics and soul-sucking dramas.

This is Pixl Digital.

PS – We moved office and haven’t taken new photos… the office photos on WOBB are of our old office in Hideout, a co-working space that closed a few years back (though we aim to get back to that level of coolness.. one day).

PS2 – We’re way too busy with client work so our own website sits neglected… with your help, hopefully we’ll have enough time to start beautifying our own website to look as good as our clients 😀