Job Vacancy: Project Manager

We are a WordPress support agency that functions as “the web department” for our clients. We communicate with clients mostly via Whatsapp and email; sometimes via video calls. Things sometimes fall off the radar especially when managing multiple clients.


We are looking for a project/task/time-management specialist that can help us track everything and ensure we deliver work on time. The key here being, TIME. As a service agency, our time is our cost, and often times we spend too much time working on something, which results in delays in other tasks, and loss of revenue due to lost time. Your job is to help us take back control of our time and ensure all our work is completed.

The first half of your job is to:

  1. Understand clients’ requests and put it in a concise brief
  2. Manage our resources (inhouse & outsourced staff) to ensure the work is done
  3. Track & control the hours taken for a task so we do not go over the time limit
  4. Test the solution provided by staff (e.g. QA testing)
  5. Update the documentation
  6. Update the client and manage any revisions requested
  7. Prepare a monthly report of work done by the agency to the client

The second half is more subjective: You will work with us to improve our workflow processes so that we are a better-oiled machine. This part is a little vague for now but it will clear up as time passes. Ideally we would like you to help us set up automations where possible to reduce time spent on mundane tasks, while still maintaining our customer touchpoints and relationship, and a high quality of work.


The key requirement is your experience with project management tools. You will need to demonstrate a clear ability to use these tools to manage all clients and tasks. You should be proactive in always looking for ways to manage things better, and not adopt a “sit and wait for work to come” attitude.

Excellent command of written English is crucial, as is attention to detail.

Experience with WordPress and ActiveCampaign (or other marketing automation software) is preferred.

We work in the Southeast Asia timezone (GMT+8). This job is flexible but you may need to sit in on video meetings, so a candidate around this timezone is preferred.

This role is on a part-time basis with a flat monthly fee of RM2,000/mo for now. By doing your job, you will allow us to take on more clients and more profitable work, which will result in a higher fee adjustment for you and an expansion of the job into a full-time role.

To apply, please demonstrate your experience with the key requirement as outlined in the job description, by video recording if possible, to Michael (feel free to use any way to contact him).

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