Pixl Digital Site Care Support

This is a service for our esteemed Site Care customers only. For general support requests please contact your appointed service representative.

Our response time for each task on Perform Plans is up to 24 hours, and for Priority Plan it’s up to 6 hours. Usually we respond much quicker, depending on the current workload, but we generally do our best to keep to these response times.

Sometimes we do need to request clarifications or ask for extra information, so in those cases we’d expect the turnaround time to be slightly longer. In order to ensure we have all the information at hand, please fill in all fields in the below form with as much information as possible, so that we can get started on the task as soon as our technical team gets to it.

The name or URL of the website, e.g. "Google" or "google.com"
So our team members know who to address.
All follow-up replies will be directed to this email.
Try to use a descriptive subject line. It's best to include high-level details in your subject field so that we'll know exactly where to go to make the changes you want.
This will help us to troubleshoot the issue and fix it faster. If we're looking at your website on Chrome but your issue was on Firefox, that's something we need to know.
Include links to where changes need to be made. This way, we know exactly what page you're referring to and can go right there when making any necessary edits.
Be as specific as possible. Include as many details as you can when you're giving us edits or tasks to complete. That way, we know exactly what needs to be done.
This is super helpful for our technical team. When you send images of exactly what's wrong, we can nail down exactly what needs to be done.