How to onboard a new client into the ticketing system

1. Create new Level

  • Level Slug: clientname (lower caps, no space)
  • Level Label: Client Name (proper caps & spacing)
  • Access Type: Lifetime
  • Special Week Days Level Work: Entire Week
  • Payment Type: Free
  • Subscription Plan: Off

2. Create client’s Support Home page and Documentation page

  1. Duplicate Page – Duplicate existing client page
  2. Title: Support Home – [Client Name]
  3. Site Documentation
    Create new Doc for client on weDocs and note the new Post ID. Add to the Docs later (not in this tutorial)
    Edit the new Support Home page and edit the WeDocs shortcode to reflect the new ID
  4. Yoast settings -> Allow search engines to show this Page in search results?: No
  5. Check Permalink and ensure URL is correct
  6. Ultimate Member Pro Locker: Show Page Only for clientname and pixl
  7. Parent Page: Client Portal

3. Create new User via Membership Pro

  • Decide on client’s behalf: Username/Email/First name/Last name/Password
  • WP Role: Support User
  • Level: clientname

4. Add client Support Home and Documentation pages to Menu

  • *Make sure your Screen Options show Docs
  • Appearance -> Menu: Search for the new [Pages -> Support Home – clientname] created in step 2, and Add to Menu under the Support parent menu. Repeat for [Docs -> clientname].
  • Rename them to [Support Home – clientname] and [Documentation – clientname]
  • Show Menu Item Only For: clientname and pixl, then Save

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