How to redirect mail from MXRoute to GMail & elsewhere

Emails are the #1 way for viruses and malware to spread across the internet. For this reason, we always recommend hosting your email with a 3rd party provider instead of hosting it together with your website (cPanel webmail is a HUGE NO-NO!). There are many email providers like GSuite, Office365, Zoho, MXRoute and more.

If you are a developer with a big MXRoute account which  you break up into smaller chunks for your clients, you’re probably concerned about all the space it will take up. Here’s a way to redirect all the emails received to a free email e.g. GMail without the hassle of setting up POP3 or IMAP in the destination account.

Step 1: Set up email on MXRoute

This should be self-explanatory. Set up the MXRoute domain and email accounts as usual.

Step 2: Enter Roundcube webmail

This can probably be done with any other webmail software but this example will use Roundcube. 

Set up an email Filter using the settings below:

Click for high-res version

This will delete the MXRoute version of the email, so the email will only be in your destination account. This is different from email forwarding, which keeps a copy of the email in your MXRoute account (if this is what you want, select “Send message copy to” in your Actions instead)

Step 3: Set a Label in the destination email

Technically all you need is Step 2, but this step helps you identify mails from a 3rd party. 

In GMail, use the below recommended settings (or make your own if you’re familiar with GMail filters):

Click for high-res version

That’s it, you’re done! Now all emails to your MXRoute email will be automatically redirected to your free email, and it won’t be in your MXRoute email.

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