What Makes A Poor Design?

Have you ever been on a site where you feel reluctant to close the tab instantly? What about websites that urges you to head straight for the x mark?

When you talk about web design, it’s always about the web standards. You will rarely find people talking about bad design because they want to replicate the best design standards, not the ones that suck. A poor design comes with a great experience and a lesson for the future and by knowing the downside of a design helps you in proper decision making.

Here are a few points of what makes a poor design:

  • The design is not consistent – it looks like a whole lot of people were involved design building but has different opinions of their own;
  • They key information is hard to find – what the site is selling, promoting or what message it’s trying to convey is not direct enough;
  • The color combination doesn’t match with the theme;
  • Bad choices of typography and graphics;
  • The site is not responsive;
  • Poor use of call to action buttons, or even worse – none;
  • Extremely long loading time

and the list goes on.. but these are the few basic points that I’d suggest you pay a little bit more attention to the next time you build a website!

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