Announcing our new Site Care plans

We’ve been building and managing websites for nearly 10 years now, and we’ve come to understand that websites are never a build-once-leave-forever kinda deal. Websites are your shopfront that needs constant tweaking, updates, and lots of care – all of which need time and expertise to do. At Pixl, we used to focus only on website design & development, and after the site is complete, we’d train our customers on how to do site updates and management so they wouldn’t feel locked-in by their developer. Oftentimes however, clients forget how to do something, or just don’t have the time to do it properly.

As such, we experimented with site maintenance plans and worked with outsourced maintenance teams to offer a cost-effective solution for our clients. However, we quickly realised that this wasn’t the solution, as our clients need fast response time and are not web savvy enough to clearly communicate their needs to our maintenance team, resulting in many delays and miscommunications.

So we’ve decided to do all our work in-house, in order to ensure clear communications and speedy delivery of work.

Click here to view our Site Care plans

Our previous SiteCare plans were rather complicated, so we’ve simplified it into two simple plans:

  • STANDARD: We’ll keep all softwares updated and bug-free. Updating WordPress, themes, or plugins on your own can result in problems that can be very hard to fix, especially if you didn’t make a backup. We’ll also install various premium plugins worth $300+/yr at no extra cost to you, and will optimise your site accordingly for speed, SEO, and security. We’ll also throw in 4 hours of website content edits & updates (see below).
  • PRIORITY: Everything in Standard, plus unlimited website content edits & updates*, priority support, and free high-performance web hosting.

What we mean by “Unlimited website content edits & updates”

“Unlimited” is a dangerous word to use, we know :) While we realise we can’t literally do unlimited work, we also know you wouldn’t want to count hours with us. So we’ve decided to work based on trust – we trust that you won’t abuse us, your dedicated hardworking web team ;) , and you trust that we’ll do our best to do the task you’ve asked us to do.

With that being said however, there are some parameters around what “Website content edits & updates” means. In short, it covers small tasks that can be done in under an hour, and does not involve custom development or design. For instance:

  • Please update this page with new copy that we’ll provide – YES
  • Please replace our logo with another logo we’ll provide – YES
  • Please design a new logo for us – NO
  • Please create a new page with this content we’ll provide – YES
  • Please update the menu with another link – YES
  • Please write an article for us – NO
  • Please develop a new plugin for us – NO
  • Please install a contact form for us – YES
  • Please help us install a Facebook Pixel – YES
  • Please connect the site to our Google Analytics account – YES
  • Please install a Google Tag into the site – YES
  • Please create a new email for us – YES
  • Please reset a password for us – YES
  • Please migrate our site to another hosting – NO
  • Please transfer our emails from Gsuite to Webmail – NO
  • Please create a membership system for our site – NO
  • Please add a traffic tracker to the site – YES
  • Please sync the site with Mailchimp/ActiveCampaign – YES
  • Please help us build automations in MailChimp/ActiveCampaign – NO
  • Please design email newsletters for us – NO

We hope the above examples give you a clearer picture of what’s covered in our SiteCare service. If you’re not sure, please don’t hesitate to ask. Depending on our workload for the day, we may even be able to do a NO for you, so just reach out :)

And we’ll do our best to respond and complete the task on the same day, but if the task needs to be broken down to a few phases or smaller tasks (e.g. “please update this set of 50 articles into the site”), then we’ll take a bit longer and update you accordingly.

If you’re interested to take this further, simply¬†click here to view our Site Care plans.

At the end of the day, if you prefer to manage your own website and only come to us on an ad-hoc basis, we’re more than happy to serve your needs.

We leave it to you to make the best decision for your company. Just know that we at Pixl will always do our best to support you where we can.

Cheers from Kuala Lumpur.

Michael Kwan

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